I Gotta Be Me is a comedy web-series following a frustrated soap star, Paul Shah, as he travels to Cyprus to portray his hero Sammy Davis Junior in a Rat Pack tribute show.

Paul Shah wasn't famous the last time he appeared in Andrea Morrelli's tribute show, and the success of the soap 'Faraway Close' has brought both attention and frustration for the ambitious actor. Having been turned down twice for Strictly Come Dancing, Shah hopes this documentary will allow him to be seen in a new light - as the all singing, all dancing, British-Asian heir to Sammy Davis Junior! 

A comic look at the entertainment business, fame, identity and the nature of success, I Gotta Be Me blends fact and fiction, suntans and swing! Set against the beautiful landscape of the Island of Love and backed by a kick-ass soundtrack of some of the finest songs ever made.

Meet ex-copper and Frank Sinatra enthusiast Martin Rhodes, former 'Stars in Their Eyes' contestant Andrea Morrelli, and the inimitable security guard 'Psycho John' as Paul goes on an emotional rollercoaster around Cyprus, accompanied throughout by ex-pats and Elvis impersonators.